Images: A Few Lighting Tricks

Images: A Few Lighting Tricks

id="mod_12223663">Mild Bounce Is just not All the time a nasty Factor

In my first article on photographic lighting, I defined how light can bounce and ruin a photograph. There is a way, nevertheless, to use that very identical gentle bounce to boost your picture. It is a trick most useful outdoors, but it surely will also be put to make use of indoors as well for a portrait sitting.

You will have some easy supplies, and probably an assistant.

'toptripod for the camera

white foam-core board

artist's easel (or that assistant)

Tripods are among the most basic of instruments for anyone concerned about taking more than casual snapshots. Apart from holding the digital camera absolutely steady, use of a tripod additionally frees up one of your hands to carry or manipulate one thing else if need be (as with the tape measure in the photo above). In case you are using your digital camera on "macro" setting, or zoomed in on telephoto setting, a tripod isn't an option, it's a must! That magnification additionally magnifies any shake or vibration and will lead to a fuzzy out-of-focus picture.

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