Google  and the History of Link Building.

Google and the History of Link Building.

´╗┐Google, and the Historical past of Link Creating.I can't start to inform you how sick I am of reading through articles and posts that mention the two phrases "Google" and "penalty" in the very same sentence!

So many site owners are walking on eggshells these days when it comes to Google, and it just isn't going to require be.

The most typical question I see is "If I do this, will Google penalize me?"

Allow me help you ease this nonsense.

Just like something in life, there is a portion of typical sense that wants to be implemented when optimising a site for the internet. When you come across a technique that you may possibly be questioning in the back of your thoughts, just consider it thru.

You may possibly want to sit down for this a single. It may blow you away ).

The truth of the matter is, Google seldom penalizes site owners for anything at all. Yep, that is heard me...Seldom!

Why is this, you may possibly ask?

Properly, it is very basic. Google did not grow to be #one in search since they had been the greatest at penalizing the most sites. They grew to become #one due to the fact they have an superb way of solving problems. You see, when you hear webmasters complaining that they were penalized, effectively in most situations, it truly is just not so.

Google understands the tricks of the trade, and to maintain their title as 'The king of search', t