5 safe cooking utensils

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Many times we are so worried about taking care of our food and we forget that the materials from which kitchen utensils are made can also influence our health.

Currently, there is a wide variety of materials to make casseroles, molds, tables and kitchen utensils. Here is a list of the most used materials in the kitchen and their degree of safety, which will help you choose the best product to take care of your health.

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More effective materials in the kitchen

1. Enamelled cast iron. It is considered one of the safest materials, its surface is relatively non-stick and very little reactive, so there is no risk of food being contaminated with metals or chemicals.

2. Iron. This material has been used for centuries for the preparation of food. It is very durable and retains heat very well, so they are ideal for use both on the stove and in the oven.

3. Glass. It is one of the safest materials since it does not store odors, flavors, is easy to clean and does not release toxic substances to food. It is an ideal material for storing or serving food, but it can also be used for cooking them.

4. Ceramics. It is another safe material for cooking food, provided that the enamels used for the coating do not contain lead or other toxic substances.

5. Stainless steel. The pans made of stainless steel are usually very good for fast cooking. Their surfaces do not react, even if abrasive liquids are used for cleaning.

6. TeflonTM. It is a trademark for a non-stick coating that many manufacturers of pots and pans use to coat their products. This type of pans should be used only in low or medium heat and never allow them to take great temperatures since they can release fumes that irritate the respiratory tract.

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As you see, the materials of the kitchen utensils to prepare food are also important to take care of our health. Keep in mind that the correct use of each of these is important to minimize any adverse effects on health.