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play chess live online free 'CHESSFORMER' MASTERCLASS | !ESN | !DragonMasters “When I was growing up, high-level chess was secreted behind closed doors, played by the privileged, moneyed people in society,” said Clayton Chan, 43, from Tustin, Calif. “Realizing that I could see chess being played at the highest levels and seeing the players on Twitch communicate their thoughts with the community really resonated with me.” Copyright 2018 Internet Chess Club. All Rights Reserved. Silver Knights offer a variety of easy monthly memberships beginning at $29. No matter which one you choose, kids will receive a gold-level membership, weekly live broadcast lessons, weekly private tournaments, and even a donation to their schools PTA/PTO! In August 2018, the site announced the Computer Chess Championship (CCCC, later CCC), a non-stop tournament for chess computers.