Mouse Traps Humane Factory Humane Mouse Trap China

Mouse Traps Humane Factory Humane Mouse Trap China

Welcome back to my channel

today I am going to instruct everyone to make a new mouse trap

using bamboo tube for

mouse traps and squirrel traps

I will make 3 bamboo tubes as shown

I will start working on it everyone

now I will smash the top

of the bamboo and EvllaWholesalers split the bamboo stalk in half

Now I will thin the bamboo stick to make the bamboo stick more flexible. Everyone

please take a good look at my mousetrap, it is very simple and easy to make the

trap very strong

, I use a string through the bamboo tube and I will put the food inside the bamboo tube

when the rat wants to eat the food inside the bamboo tube, it won't He manages to get inside because there is a wire baffle right in front of the bamboo tube,

then he bites the rope to get inside to get the food

but when the rope is bitten, the trap will work,

I will try the trap now and see if it works,

everyone imagine this knife is a mouse

when it bites Mouse on the rope...

I think people shouldn't try it with their hands because it might break their hands hahahaha The

video is here

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bye and see you again